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To accomplish its mission, SignUpNow is eager to stimulate and support outreach and enrollment activities by a broad array of community programs across the Commonwealth.

SignUpNow services include:

Providing technical assistance to organizations on initiating and implementing enrollment activities with their clients or within their communities. (schools, child care centers, health care settings, churches, head-start programs, etc.)

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Our services
Supporting organizations
Conducting training workshops to help community workers identify their eligible clients and assist families with the application process. Customized workshops for selected audiences are available as needed.

Providing speakers and presentations to raise awareness of the link between children’s health and their access to health insurance; and the availability of Virginia’s health insurance programs for children and pregnant women.

Developing and disseminating materials to support local enrollment efforts. Available material includes:
A special Community Tool Kit containing all necessary forms, brochures, posters, client handouts, fact sheets, step-by-step instructions and lists of resources.
A quarterly enewsletter providing updates on FAMIS/Medicaid; highlights of best-practices in outreach and enrollment; and notices of new resources, upcoming workshops, conferences and funding opportunities.
A series of “how to” guides on implementing proven successful outreach strategies.

Providing trouble-shooting for local efforts or individual cases that become problematic.

Providing technical assistance and training on how to evaluate local efforts so that local organizations can track their results and assess impact.

Collaboration with state and local departments of social services to streamline the enrollment process for community organizations, help resolve systemic problems, and eliminate barriers.

Developing and maintaining an up-to-date web site
to inform and connect the growing child health outreach network throughout the Commonwealth.


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